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Concrete Sealant

Seal Once at the Lake performs a multiple step process to ensure an excellent outcome in protecting your concrete surfaces. Please be assured that our technicians follow the Seal Once at the Lake process guidelines for surface preparation and proper and complete application of the concrete sealant. It is absolutely crucial to correctly conduct surface preparation and to apply the sealant. We take the time required to do it right! Once and Done!

Here is a summary of the Seal Once at the Lake process for concrete:

  • Plastic cover windows or doors to keep them clean if needed.
  • Power wash the concrete surface to remove debris, dirt, pollutants etc.
  • Apply a cleansing solution and utilize a commercial size rotating brush head to deep clean the surface in preparation to adequately receive the penetrating concrete sealant.
  • Cleansing solution is thoroughly washed off.
  • Concrete sealant is methodically applied not once but twice.

The correct step by step preparation, cleaning and sealant application is your insurance to an excellent outcome. It is recommended to allow the sealant to remain undisturbed for a minimum of 24 hours.

There is a 25-year warranty on the concrete sealant product. Maintenance is simple in that you may want to power wash or clean off your surfaces annually to remove dirt, pollen, etc. Upon your request, Seal Once at the Lake will do this cleaning at 15% of the original invoice.

A few of the excellent qualities of the concrete penetrating product:

  • Eco Friendly
  • Non-Toxic
  • No hazardous ingredients
  • No odor
  • Non-flammable

About the Sealant

Seal Once at the Lake LLC uses the Seal-It Wood Sealant and Preservative (Penetrating) product and the Seal-It Concrete Sealant and Preservative (Penetrating) product from Canada. You can review their various products on their website, They are a highly respected organization with years of experience in this field.

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