About Seal Once at the Lake LLC

Seal Once at the Lake LLC is a “Once and Done” penetrating sealant for all of your wood and concrete surfaces. Seal Once at the Lake LLC is new to the Lake of the Ozarks and surrounding communities as of the summer of 2017. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you in preserving your lake home or business wood and concrete surfaces from the damaging effects of water.

You may be familiar with Woody Howell as a flooring sales representative for Carpet Direct at the Lake, which he is still engaged in. Woody bought his Lake of the Ozarks home in 2001 and is looking forward to making it his permanent residence. He does make the lake his home about 90% of the time. Paul Anderson is a partner offering years of experience in the sealant business. Paul worked for a sealant company in the Kansas City area before realizing the opportunity to offer lake area residents the Seal Once experience. He came to visit and really enjoyed the beauty of the lake and the peace it offers. Together Woody and Paul provide an excellent knowledge base of the wood and concrete sealant qualities and the correct application processes. The Seal Once technicians have been trained correctly by highly qualified and experienced sealant professionals. Our trainer has been in this sealant business for over 10 years. Woody and Paul are excited that Seal Once at the Lake has generated high interest and that we have completed several jobs.

We are a customer of Lake Expo.com and Jay Eastlick wrote an excellent advertorial in regard to our new business. Click here to read it. We have had numerous inquiries suggesting property owners realize the importance of protecting their homes and businesses against the damaging water elements here at the lake.

Seal Once at the Lake is open year round, however, we are a seasonal business when it comes to actually applying the sealants. The temperature cannot be lower than 32 degrees for the sealant to effectively penetrate wood or concrete surfaces. Due to unpredictable winter weather, we will not apply the sealants until the temperature is at least 40 degrees for a minimum of 15 hours.

We look forward to meeting with you and providing a free estimate to permanently seal your wood and or concrete surfaces. Remember our sealant is not on top of the surfaces but our sealant is in them, providing a waterproof barrier from the elements and thus strengthening the material from deterioration.

Paul Anderson & Woody Howell

Photo Courtesy of LakeExpo.com

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