Permanently Protect Wood & Concrete Surfaces From Deterioration

Seal Once at the Lake – Penetrating Sealant

Concrete Sealing

Seal Once Concrete Sealant protects your concrete driveways, sidewalks, patios, and pool decks.

Our concrete sealing process allows for permanent protection against spalling, alkali damage, water seepage, dusting, hairline checking and other types of concrete corrosion and deterioration. We use an industrial quality sealer with DIY application characteristics for use on new or existing concrete and masonry. It protects concrete from the effects of acids, salts, oils, and more.

Wood Protection

Seal Once Wood Sealant can strengthen and preserve your deck, fence, or any other wood surfaces.

Our process creates a permanent, effective seal against moisture, acids, time and weather, while hardening, increasing density and strengthening new or existing wood. It does not stain* or colorize wood and allows for painting and/or staining wood surfaces. Paint and stains last up to 300% longer. It seals old wood and will also re-seal aged pressure-treated wood.

Seal Once at the Lake

Penetrating Sealant for Wood and Concrete

Seal Once at the Lake cleans and permanently protects wood and concrete surfaces from deterioration.